Streetlight Projects

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led-vs-hps-12Through the SoCalREN Public Agency Program, public agencies in Southern California have a unique opportunity to upgrade their old, inefficient streetlights to LED lights. The program is free to public agencies and is available for a limited time only. It provides municipalities with engineering, financial analysis, performance design specifications, construction services, and assistance in applying for utility rebates, and obtaining financing.

SoCalREN Street Lighting Services

Municipalities can take advantage of the program’s Turnkey Project Delivery to complete installation in record time through our expedited construction procurement services. The streamlined process delivers quick results while adhering to a methodical and proven model to ensure quality.

SoCalREN will work with you to:

  1. Develop a street lighting action plan that provides a preliminary analysis of streetlight inventory, showing project savings and financial viability of the project
  2. Generate a comprehensive audit report that includes photometrics and technical discussion tailored to each agency
  3. Explore project procurement options, including access to competitively bid contractors through NJPA. This eliminates the need to go out to bid and reduces the time to construction by more than half
  4. Leverage volume pricing discounts for any projects that go through the NJPA contractor option
  5. Provide construction management support and technical oversight through construction and hand off

Benefits of LED Streetlights

  1. streetlightReduced Energy Consumption - 50 to 70 percent lower energy consumption

  2. Lower Maintenance Costs - LED light sources last up to three times longer than older technologies requiring less frequent lamp replacements

  3. Improved Lighting - Consistent, even distribution and directed lighting where it is needed most. Whiter light allows pedestrians and motorists to more accurately see colors
  4. Enhanced Controllability - Instant on/off and light level adjustments make LED lights better suited for use with advanced lighting control systems
  5. Reduced Emissions - Reduced energy consumption means less pollution
  6. Utility Rebates – Municipalities that upgrade their streetlights to LED may qualify for lower utility rates as well as rebates

For more information, please contact  To read about the many benefits of a street lighting LED upgrade, click here.