Project Implementation Guidebooks

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Energy Efficiency Project Implementation Guidebooks

The six guidebooks below provide local governments with the necessary tools, resources and information to develop and implement energy efficiency projects.

Guidebook 1: Identifying Energy Projects

This guidebook provides overall processes, resources and other tools to assist local governments in identifying cost-effective energy projects in their facilities and infrastructure. In 15 pages and four key steps, any local government employee can understand what they can do themselves and where to get help for common energy projects.

Guidebook 2: Strategies to Build Project Support

This guidebook addresses developing an Energy Management Program to help build broad support for identifying and implementing energy projects. It boils down how to set organization-wide goals and seek support from local government staff after energy opportunities are identified.


Guidebook 3: Energy Project Lease Financing Application Guide

This guidebook addresses project financial analysis and funding considerations to help evaluate financing options, utility rebates and incentives, types of financing vehicles, and funding programs. It includes decision trees and sample payback formulas to help facilitate conversations with energy and finance professionals. This guide is not a replacement for using subject matter experts.


Guidebook 4: Project Procurement

This guidebook is intended to provide general guidance in support of procurement, a process that begins once an energy project is identified and financing for the project is secured. If a public agency is not utilizing the turnkey contracting approach through SoCalREN, this guidebook offers key points and considerations in contracting from RFP creation to construction management.


Guidebook 5: Project Management

This guidebook provides a framework for effective energy project management from project start through completion. In this guidebook, the typical role of a City Staff Project Manager is defined, and helpful checklists and meeting templates are included for coordination with your contractor throughout the retrofit project.


Guidebook 6: Post Project Implementation

This guidebook provides information and resources in order to properly close out energy projects. This is a commonly overlooked, yet important step to verify and track energy - and money - savings that should be planned for early in the energy project process.



Sample Project Management Plans and Technical Resources

Featured sample plans created from actual pilot projects.

Project Management Plan: Street Lighting: Alhambra 

This project management plan is an example of the critical steps needed to manage a street lighting project.


Pool Pumps: San Fernando

This project management plan is an example of the critical steps required to manage a pool pump VFD upgrade.  


Funded by Southern California Edison Company ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission the Guidebook Series was developed by SoCalREN to help governments identify and pursue cost-effective, energy-efficient opportunities.