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At no cost to agencies, The Energy Network identifies energy saving measures and works side-by-side with agency staff from design through construction to help accomplish energy efficiency projects. Funded by the CPUC this program offers unbiased third-party expertise to help agencies reduce energy costs and achieve savings quickly by implementing the right measures. The Energy Network provides a full turnkey solution that takes projects from start to finish or can provide a range of technical and other services to fit specific project needs.

Turnkey Project Delivery

We provide a full range of energy efficiency services specifically tailored for public agencies.  Because our focus is on helping you improve your facilities, reduce energy costs and obtain benefits sooner, we work with you in all, or any, phase of your project as your objective, third-party expert.

Comparative Energy Analysis

We complete an comparative energy analysis report and work with you to prioritize sites for energy audits and implementation of energy retrofit projects. If your agency has projects ready to go, we help you move the project to completion.

Project Manager and Energy Consulting Team

Our project managers oversee and manage all required project tasks. An experienced energy engineering team is assigned to work with your staff and provide technical assistance during all, or any, phase of your project.

Facility Energy Audit/Streetlight Survey

We develop an energy audit, or if you have a streetlight project, a survey. This produces a detailed list of recommended energy efficiency measures, along with a detailed financial analysis of the energy savings and costs of the recommendations to help guide your decision-making.

Financing Services

We analyze all the financing options available to each individual agency and create a customized plan to finance your projects. Through The Energy Network, agencies also gain access to CPUC-approved Energy Project Lease Financing and a third-party financial advisor.

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Design

We work with you to select the final package of measures to be installed by a quality mechanical or electrical contractor. The energy consultant prepares performance-based technical specifications and a scope of work for the selected measures.

Project Proposal, Incentives & Financing

The project manager prepares a detailed project proposal for your review and approval. The Energy Network offers an expedited construction procurement for energy retrofit construction services using a pool of quality electrical and mechanical contractors. Contractors in your area have been selected through a transparent and competitive bid process. The project manager requests a cost proposal from the assigned contractor and facilitates a rigorous third-party review by technical experts for accuracy. You receive transparent, itemized pricing, and we help you identify financing opportunities. We also help you apply for, and receive, rebates and incentives from your serving utilities.

Construction by Quality Contractors/Construction Management Support

Once the project proposal is approved, construction by a quality contractor can begin in weeks. The Energy Network facilitates construction management by providing additional oversight and administrative support.  A quality engineer with detailed knowledge of your projects will assist your agency and your construction management staff.  Although your agency is responsible for the cost of construction, all of our value-added services are provided at no cost.

Post-Construction Support

Upon project completion, you are provided with a project manual for your installed systems, including access to a web-based energy information management system (EEMIS) to monitor, analyze and benchmark facility energy usage. We also provide operations and maintenance staff training and occupant education.

No-Cost Individual Support Services

  • Utility rebate/incentive application support
  • Facility comparative energy analysis
  • Assistance with staff reports and documentation for project approval
  • Third-party review of project proposals and documents
  • Streetlight surveys and LED retrofit assistance
  • Energy design review of renovation projects
  • Project financing analysis, application assistance and access to CPUC-approved Energy Project Lease Financing
  • Energy upgrade design, including contractor scope of work and performance/equipment specifications
  • Contractor cost estimate review
  • Simplified construction contracting for energy efficiency projects
  • Retrocommissioning, continuous commissioning and monitoring
  • Support of agency’s construction management with added oversight and documentation management
  • Operations and maintenance staff training and occupant education
  • Access to a web-based energy information management software that will monitor, analyze and benchmark facility energy usage and costs