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Southern California Regional Energy Network

EE 2015 Funding Proposal

1/7/15 Replacement of Advice Letter #4-E-G Submitted 12/15/14 to Address Protest by Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE)

12/15/14 Compliance Filing Regarding 2015 Energy Efficiency Program Portfolio Changes and Funding Request

    • Compliance Filing Cover Letter
    • Advice Letter: Advice Letter Cover Sheet
    • Attachment A: Revisions to 2015 Request
    • Notice of Availability of Electronic Files
  • Appendices

o   Appendix A: Revised Summary Tables 

o   Appendix B: RevisedBudget and Savings Placemats 

o   Appendix C and D:Revised Savings allocation and Funding Source 

o   Appendix F: Revised 2015 E3 Calculators

§  Electric

§  2015 SoCalREN E3 Roll Up 

§  2015 EUC E3 Roll Up 

§  2015 REC E3 

§  Gas

§  2015 SoCalREN E3 Roll Up 

§  2015 EUC E3 Roll Up 

§  2015 REC E3  




04/04/14  2015 Filing Extension – Revised Files

3/26/14 2015 Filing Extension

Demand Response

03/03/14 Demand Response Scoping Memo

2013-2014 EE Program Implementation Plan

2/24/14 Revised 13-14 Program Implementation Plan

5/08/13 Finalized 13-14 Program Implementation Plan

1/14/13 Finalized 13-14 Program Implementation Plan

9/5/12 Response to Scoping Memo and Data Request

8/20/12 Response to SCG Data Request

7/16/12 13-14 Application Documents

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