Agencies in Action

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Public agencies working with the SoCalREN Public Agency Program are taking action to save energy. Collectively they will achieve unprecedented energy savings that will benefit communities and the environment.

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Includes performance improvements to systems such as HVAC equipment and pool pumps. Includes interior and exterior building lighting, parking lot lighting, park lighting and traffic signals.   Retrofits old high-intensity light sources with more efficient light-emitting diode lamps. Includes pumping optimization, waste-water plant improvements and other measures. 


City of Arcadia

With the support of SoCalREN, the City of Arcadia has upgraded over eight hundred streetlights to LED. Arcadia’s retrofit initiatives have benefited from hand-in-hand support, planning through construction – utilizing no-cost resources and services offered through SoCalREN.

City of Barstow

Since its enrollment in February 2014, Barstow has coordinated a comprehensive Audit of the City's Wastewater Treatment Facility and saved over 1 million kWh per year. SoCalREN has presented additional measure options and savings potential for the near future.

City of Covina

Aiming to save over half a million kWh annually, the City of Covina enlisted the support of the SoCalREN Public Agency Program's turnkey, customized delivery services and launched a variety of streetlight upgrades and mechanical retrofits within the Covina Police Department.

City of Culver City

Culver City is working with SoCalREN on five different Turnkey Project Delivery systems at seven different sites and has already completed a lighting project in record time! In seven and a half weeks the lights in the Watseska Parking Structure were retrofitted, which will save the city over 100,000 kWh or about $17,000 per year. The additional projects have saved an additional 700,000 kWh with per year.

City of Huntington Beach

Through SoCalREN, the City of Huntington Beach aims to save over 1.5 million kWh annually through customized LED-lighting retrofits. Planned upgrades included more than 2,300 street, public park, and parking-lot streetlights. Additionally, the City have applied LED retrofits to one parking garage.

City of Irvine

SoCalREN has worked with Irvine city staff to implement exterior lighting and gas measures.

City of Long Beach

SoCalREN has worked with Long Beach city staff to determine which facilities have the highest annual energy costs. This information has helped determine which facilities will benefit the most from energy saving retrofits.

City of Moreno Valley

SoCalREN has worked with Moreno Valley city staff for lighting and mechanical retrofits at four different sites. These retrofits will potentially save the city over 200,000 kWh annually and approximately 800 therms annually.

City of Orange

The City of Orange has retrofitted 200 HPS street lights to LED’s using the SoCalREN Public Agency Program’s Turnkey Project Delivery process. This upgrade will save the city approximately 130,000 kWh annually.

City of Oxnard

To achieve savings of over 5 million kWh annually, the City of Oxnard plans to upgrade HVAC systems, pumps, as well as interior and exterior lighting at the city’s wastewater treatment plant facilities. The City aims to realize additional savings through city-wide street light upgrades.

City of Palmdale

The City of Palmdale has implemented city-wide street lighting retrofits through the SoCalREN Public Agency Program's Turnkey Project Delivery System in addition to planned mechanical and lighting upgrades at city facilities saving more than one million kWh's per year.

City of Pomona

The City of Pomona teamed up with SoCalREN to enact a retrofit plan to save over one million annual kWh city-wide. The SoCalREN Public Agency Program’s turnkey project delivery model assisted Pomona with the installation of 2,500 LED streetlight retrofits, as well as with interior and exterior lighting upgrades to Pomona City Hall and Pomona Public Library. Additionally, Genesha Park and Washington Park will receive pool-pump updates.

City of Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage city officials have worked with SoCalREN to right-size their Civic Center boiler system and upgrade their city owned streetlights to LED.

City of San Bernardino

San Bernardino is looking to save over 2.5 million kWh’s by upgrading more than 6,000 street lights in a series of projects as well as upgrading the HVAC systems in at City Hall. San Bernardino will benefit from SoCalREN’s customized services.

City of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is looking for assistance to upgrade their street lights as well as process optimization and pump retrofits throughout the water distribution system.

City of Santa Monica

Santa Monica teamed up with SoCalREN to make customized retrofits throughout the city and save over 2 million kWh’s annually. These energy saving upgrades include street lights and lighting and mechanical energy retrofits for three of the city facilities.

City of Simi Valley

Using SoCalREN’s customized technical support services, The City of Simi Valley assessed its City Hall RCx RFP project as well as a facility lighting retrofit project. Simi Valley aims to implement multiple parking-lot lighting retrofits at their City Hall, Police Department, Public Library, and Senior Center facilities. Additionally, the City identified three municipal properties to retro-commission in its Climate Action Plan, and will begin with a project at City Hall.

City of Thousand Oaks

To save over 360,000 kWh each year, the City of Thousand Oaks has retrofitted 550 street lights throughout its city.

County of Los Angeles

Los Angeles County is currently working with SoCalREN on 14 different energy retrofits (lighting and mechanical) for a variety of facilities including four public parks, the Santa Clarita Civic Center, Department of Public Works headquarters and 13 pools. The identified measures have the potential to save the county around three million kWh annually.

County of Orange

The County of Orange is currently working with SoCalREN to implement lighting and mechanical energy efficient measures at the County’s Data Center, for a potential savings of over 2 million kWh annually. Additionally, energy audits recently started for 3 County libraries.

Running Springs Water District

Running Springs Water District will save about 500,000 kWh’s every year by working with SoCalREN and installing a suite of recommended energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits. The water district is considering lighting and mechanical retrofits at the headquarters, fire stations, and maintenance facilities as well as retrofits to the water distribution system and wastewater treatment plant.

Western Municipal Water District

Western Municipal Water District is teaming up with SoCaREN to complete a customized district-wide pump optimization project, process optimization project and lighting retrofit at its wastewater treatment plant, along with a mechanical and lighting retrofit to the district headquarters. These projects will save the water district over 1.5 million kWh’s every year.

Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority

Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority will work with SoCalREN to identify opportunities for process optimization projects to enhance energy performance. Additionally, by including interior and exterior lighting retrofits at the treatment facility, the water district expects to save over 800,000 kWh’s annually.

City of Whittier

The City of Whittier plans to utilize the SoCalREN Public Agency Program’s turnkey services to retrofit streetlights city-wide, in addition to lighting upgrades at various facilities including the city’s Police Station, City Hall, Central Library, Community Center and Palm Park pool.

Yucaipa Valley Water District

Yucaipa Valley Water District will save over 4 million kWh’s annually by working with SoCalREN and using the Turnkey Project Delivery service. The water district will consider implementing comprehensive retrofits of the wastewater treatment plant, the water filtration plant, the water distribution system, and the headquarters building.