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2016 Year in Review: The Energy Network - Public Agency Program

Post Date:01/17/2017 2:13 PM
The Energy Network Public Agency Program's primary focus is to demonstrate how joint actions by local governments can drive more cost-­effective solutions within the energy sector. The goal is simple -- to transform the energy efficiency market through broad participation in the program and rapid public agency action.

As of 2016, the Program has completed projects resulting in over 19 million kWh and over 102 thousand therms of annual energy savings and agencies are seeing the positive impacts the Program is having on their communities as projects are implemented. On the enrollment front, this year the program enrolled 15 new public agencies and has identified over 46 million kWh and 88,000 therms in potential energy savings for 2017 and beyond with new and existing enrolled agencies.
"I can truly say we would have not gotten this far this fast in such a cost effective manner without The Energy Network's guidance and technical assistance every step of the way. In short The Energy Network is a fantastic program to assist local governments in energy efficiency that will pay dividends for years to come."

-Charles Herbertson, Director of Public Works, Culver City
Looking to the future, the Program is proposing to expand its services by assisting agencies with more comprehensive energy planning through master plans, prepping for ZNE projects, and online tools. The program will continue its implementation of energy efficiency projects, make technical expertise accessible and available, and integrate energy efficiency as a standard business practice for all public agencies -- ­in turn creating resilient communities and a platform in which to build our sustainable energy future.

With 87 agencies currently enrolled in The Energy Network, the Public Agency Program has built a true and expansive network including not only public agencies, but also 10 engineering firms, 22 contractors and a pipeline of over 293 energy project opportunities. Moreover, Program staff have touched over 313 public facilities and over 65,000 streetlights while implementing a comprehensive whole building approach for a variety of public facilities including schools, and libraries, water and wastewater facilities, parks and recreational facilities, fire stations, police departments, city halls and community centers.

To find out more about The Energy Network Public Agency program, contact us at 855-­700-­NETWORK or at
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